Handicraft bali production

Handycraft production is blog personal to apreciation for all crafts, include craft from bali

"The cycling stage of the trek begins at Bambang Biaung. Participants will provide a helmet, gloves, and mineral water.There will also be a safety briefing at this point. The group will pass through the village observing of coffee, cloves, papaya, bananas, etc. From the village participants continue to Iseh village where farmers will be observed working, tending to their rice and vegetable (including chili, onion and peanuts) harvest. On the way to Sukahet the Group will be stopped at art and cultural school in Sidemen, traditional (endek) cloth making, traditional Arak processing.


Accessories of Key from Flanel

classic craft
What is most disturbing about this is how this generation began to come out. Feeling alienated and disenfranchised Generation X rebelled against their parents' lifestyles. Seeing their parents work themselves literally to death for material goods only to be downsized by their employers after years of creating a feeling among this generation that they will not be taken for the same journey. 

They rebelled against their parents by processing the slacker persona think jeans flannel shirt coffee cup that is always there. This generation wants a balance in their lives. Growing up as a latch-key children their children will not suffer the same fate. Their children will be driven back and forth to school and many after-school activities. Generation X wants to work to live rather than live to work - even if it means decreased income potential. Like the hippies before them they derided their cohorts who drive luxury cars and wearing a business suit.

In order to buy houses and cars that cost is driven by Baby Boomers Generation X learned to live with debt. Worse they learn to accept it. Your feelings will not have enough money or we will not have our house in a way that our parents did. give them permission to take on increasing levels of debt to finance their lives.


Wood Craft go to International

car from wood
Indonesian handicraft in great demand by people overseas, even imported into the United States and the European continent. And now some lua gallery established in the country by selling handicrafts produced from Indonesia. Maybe because it's been fairly rare, with the number of timber harvested to serve as a settlement. The future, all that wood production will be a unique and rare item.

In practice usually the goods are brought in the form of semi-finished, for economical place in the process of removal from the country area of Indonesia towards the countries in the world that's correct. Producers hoped would follow the development of designs that suit the tastes of consumers, timeliness of delivery and packaging issues, particularly to avoid damage to goods in the market tujuan.Dalam handicraft products, companies not only sell Antique Art in the form of finished products, but also serve orders product according to the model and size of its consumer desires.


Quilt Road to Dollar

quilt production
Quilt is stitching through layers of fabric and a filling so as to create a design or a material used for making a quilt, or a quilted fabric, quilt also it The act of stitching or running in patterns, as in making a quilt. In its various forms quilt was in love by people who have a puff to the upper economic class. Because of the expensive material than the usual cloth.

Starting from a hobby a person can usually produce an abundance of money, certainly a positive hobby and in it there is value to the business. I've read some stories have a hobby make a quilt then cultivated and results in a few years he had become a businessman quilt that can collect dollars.
 Making a quilt to put forward the colors and playing in a variety of artistic style. At the time of making it a bit difficult but after the quilt was completed, everyone will be happy to see it. Diverse blend of color and multicolored images in the order so be happy and added a lovely decorative home furnishings.

Quilt consideration, if it has a nice color composition and neat, quilt was also made with several themes, such as themed historic sites, or travel a certain figure. The point quilt gives the impression of elegance for the wearer and certainly for the author as well, because quilt needs and requires knowledge of the manufacturer.

Problem making a quilt is the most basic, the problem of design, drawing and color that must be given to the quilt itself. Quilt requires precision in the making, the best way is to practice constantly to create new designs and follow a growing trend today

Okay, because the making of this quilt is used for a particular bed then do not forget to create a design that matches the size. And the thickness of the quilt itself is made comfort in use. because the quilt is part of handicrafts made of fabric then make a neat in sew. please read great info about waste paper road to dollar 


Promote Blog Craft

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Paper craft, photo frames made from paper

Old paper and broken is trash, with no resale value, in the hands of people who could skill creative as a creative paper goods that have high sales value by making paper crafts and shape as the change from the modest in the design became an antique and interesting stuff.

This time blog Handicraft production, will give more info for you to make photo frames from processed paper material or recycled paper, how to collect the paper in a blender and filtered in such a on top of the screen method, then let stand and then made into frames. Basically, recycled paper has been introduced by art experts Faculty of Art and Design Institute of Technology since 1980, he has to process waste paper into 'paper art'. In 1994, Prof. Apin (the late), Prof.. A.D. Pirous, Drs. Setiawan Sabana, M. FA. successfully introduced the paper work to the public through their solo exhibition, in Hidayat Gallery, Bandung.

There are two types of recyclable paper, white paper, it is high-quality paper, such as writing paper, envelopes, photocopy paper, and printing paper fro data. This species can be recycled into high quality paper for use in schools and offices. Who's the latter, is the type of paper magazines and newspapers, are recycled to make new prints news, or to create some kind of cardboard, and paper packaging, such as cardboard, boxes or doze


Organic Faste Craft, The Bag Made from Eichhornia Crassipes

Handicrafts are the target of the businessman, among the materials that are abundant in the land of Indonesia is Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), water hyacinth from her soft texture is very good  for used as handicrafts, one of which is for the bag.

These plants are plants that interfere with, because of rapid growth so fast that water-intensive sector in the pool, but there are several advantages among which, these plant food intake of moss and algae, causing the water becomes clear.
In the hands of creative people, water hyacinth can be used to make bags fascinating material, not less interesting with crafts made from paper. The products of bags or other handicrafts made from water hyacinth increased every year, even able to penetrate the international market, which is exported to the continent of europe and the united states


Waste Paper Dollar Producer

waste is a community that crucial waste paper has no value, in the hands of a creative will produce dollars. Waste paper is therefore as the dirt was still on his money. This business does not require much capital, because the raw material is paper that is usually thrown away and burned by their owners.

Currently, much in demand by the businessmen to pursue business-based from paper or used paper processing, the form most simple to be used for food or wrap boxes vegetables, there are even better if the paper is used for raw materials and unique as the jewelry house such as lanterns, lamps nest, or even purses and small bags for shopping

In some cases it turns out crafts business from a paper material can penetrate the international market, it is the businessman because many are thinking seriously to pursue another business trend at the moment


Make Doll from Wood Material's

After a few days ago a post about crafts from a variety of basic materials such as paper, wooden ashtray, the frame from paper materials and others, this time I will share info important for businessmen to try do business with dolls, because dolls was needed of all parties. For young children is a toy doll for the elderly while the doll is a decorative wall or closet in the house.

Handicraft prodution will share information about dolls made of wood. Wood is the easiest material in the can in our country is Indonesia, because the country is fertile and the many trees that can grow there, in Indonesia as well as many countries fertile volcanic mountain that brings nutrients. What to do with making dolls out of wood, obviously very eerat relationship once that timber into the main objects to make puppets out of wood.

Making doll from material of wood needed high skills and supported the memadahi equipment, due to the need for printing and forming the wood into a doll. There are several ways that must be considered, namely how to choose the wood. Choose a timber that has a high quality or at least old enough age, such as teak, age required to produce dolls of high quality teak wood, teak wood should be at least 8 years old.


Plastic Craft, Plastic Ashtray

for your healthy interesting info about the ashtray, maybe we all know the function of an ashtray is for smoking, it would be detrimental to health of smoking, but smoking is still a lot of interested people, wherever you smoke then there's where the ashtray to dispose of cigarette ashes.

Therefore do not wrong you choose your ashtray for smoking purposes, the wrong ashtray fatal cause of your health. Now handicrat produktion will share information about the ashtrays made of plastic.

To choose a plastic ashtray from the four things that need to be noticed,

First, do not select a thin plastic ashtrays made of plastic and the material processed, because when exposed to fire, the plastic element will be exploited by you and keeps health in danger.